Behind her dream...

   Going from working at a food place to furniture where I learn how to sale. Managing a wireless store to owning my own online boutique. Selling has become my passion, I enjoy the feeling of a great sale but my truly drive for is meeting that goal. Doing it for many years made me realized that I can run my own business. But why  clothing boutique, Girl because I love fashion and I look good in this clothes. I can put a whole 2 weeks trip full of sexy, cute, and comfy outfits together. I have a great taste for clothing and I cant lie I do a damn good job. One day I woke up and I said to myself, what am I doing? Where am I going? You damn well know you and your daughter have an expensive taste, this 9-8 will not forever cover your tab! A month later I got some money in the mail that I wasn't expecting. Before getting that money I was already doing some research on what where the requirements to becoming a business owner. Receiving that MONEY was the greatest thing that happen. The craziest thing was the money I received was the same exact amount I needed it to pay for my business license. I'm a big believer of signs God always comes and hands you his hand when you least expected. Someone is always watching and I'm not talking about people I'm talking about GOD!.. Life is a rollercoaster and I can tell you my favorite part is been on the bottom, WHY? Once I get to the top there's nothing or nobody stopping me from coming down. As I walk into this year of full disasters around the world I can say I'm walking with growth and at a full potential. My overall experience has kept going and showed me that dreams are goals and goals are to be catch. You're the only ONE that can make it happen and the only ONE that can stop YOURSELF from your next move so make the best one yet!..

                                                   ~~~DREAM~~  Estefania C.